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In the past few months, I was gifted with so many opportunities to write something . I did grab few of them, struggled to give my best for them, limped for ideas to build, roamed around for the proper pieces to fall in place, fought for words to express my expressions, thought a lot for thoughts and finally stood back to see the finish I wanted.  Joy!

This post is my personal perception about the ingredients which ignites the spark in every writer and the experiences each one may undergo in bringing the audience to the light from the dark through their write ups/articles. It might have happened with you (It has happened with me) or it may not have happened. It is just a different take on what writing something really takes!

This Sparks & Darks is my dedication to all those people who have inspired me to write something today and of course to all my friends! 🙂 🙂


You decide to write about something but some how the ink in your pen ebbs to pour onto the paper, the swiftness in your fingers remains sluggish to play over the computer key board and the thoughts in your mind remain thick and refrain from flowing naturally. The strange aspect is that you know what you want to write and the idea is already conceived in your mind but it does not make the transformation from the mind to the real world. Some where there is a stumbling block in the mind which stops the flow, crippling your imagination. When encountered with such invisible visible blocks, the best thing to do is put the thought in the back burner of your mind and get along with your mundane/routine tasks. Let the seconds roll by, minutes roll by, hours roll by, even days roll by… but the thought which had affected you and which wants you to give it the realistic shape will remain forged to your neurons in some corner (soft corner??!!) of your mind. It will remain indelible!

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Ink will flow merrily from the pen, fingers will dance on the key board rhythmically and thoughts will glide from your mind. All it needs is a SPARK – a spark to set, ignite and re-kindle the embedded thoughts and bring it to the light, the ‘lime light’.  The spark may be anything – a moment of peace (you being with yourself), love from loved ones, child smiling, children playing, listening to music, playing with kids, sweet peck on the cheek 🙂 etc etc .. in short the spark plug to re-start your creative engine can come from any source and the only thing which you need to do is keep your heart and mind open to realize that “Yes.. This is it? I have got the knot and I am going to give life to my thoughts”. Sit and give birth to the thought you conceived. Let the world read it!


You sit down and decide to write on a subject. You know the central theme on which you want to write. You keep an open mind. What unfolds next is pure magic. On many occasions, I have felt that I set out to write something specific but as I build each and every piece of the write up with all my love and affection, different thoughts keep drenching my mind and I keep succumbing to each and every drop of that ‘Evolution’ rain. End result – the destination (theme) remained intact but the path taken gave me numerous other options to explore and enthrall myself!

I look at this similar to an adventure ride in a dark cave (mind) with a small torch (central thought). You start your journey knowing your destination with little knowledge about what lies ahead in your path; what unfolds or what is thrown at you in the dark cave is a mystery and a surprise. As you travel through the dark cave of the mind to give wings to your central thought, so many other thoughts keep hitting you – different angles, different dimensions, different perspectives, different aroma, different delights, different flavors, different differences – all for the same central thought. Take the ones which make you say “Wow” and leave the ones which make you say “Nah”. Shake the champagne of thoughts which you so merrily mixed, uncork the pleasurable pleasure of writing the write up which you started and let your audience cherish the champagne. The end product developed in the dark cave of your mind would surely be a picturesque portrayal of what you desired for but may not be what you imagined first up. Yes.. Your burning desire will be fulfilled, the thirst to give your best will be quenched and most importantly you will be happy that your thoughts have taken flight. See.. mine is flying sky high! Keep flying and let your thoughts jump in life and joy!

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PS: The thought to write this article hit me hard and I had put it  in the back burner.. waited for the spark.. Got the spark.. Here it is out from the dark! 🙂 🙂

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