Posted: September 1, 2010 in Experience
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1st September 2010 – Krishna Jayanti

It was a great evening as I went to few of the Krishna temples near my home to pray on this auspicious day when Lord Krishna was born.

The highlights of the evening in all the temples – Baby Krishna’s statue was put in a small cot and people took turns to touch, pray and push the little cot as a sign of putting the baby to sleep and of course an exhibition of dolls depicting the different scenes from the life history of Lord Krishna like the Arjun-Krishna Gita upadesh, Krishna eating/stealing butter, Kamsa vadh etc.

All temples were overflowing with lots of people. Going in queue was the order of the day. Nandalala temple was one of the temples I visited. The best thing about this particular temple which left me thinking on my way back home was the volunteers (all women) managing the queue in the temple.

In temples, people have a tendency to stop and keep looking at the doll exhibits or continue praying unmindful of people standing behind them. But the volunteers of this temple were equipped with a magical weapon to tackle the crowd trouble – Smile! They made sure that the crowd was always on the move and no one was pushed/shouted at to move. It was a simple gesture – smile and convey the message to keep moving. It worked. No one could talk back, fight, feel offended or stop. What each one of us could do was only smile back, acknowledge and keep moving.

Somehow this incident got imprinted in my mind and I was thinking if everything which needs to be conveyed, if it can be done with a tinge of smile and goodwill, then lots of issues would not be issues at all.

Smile is indeed powerful! Felt it today! 🙂

  1. Divya says:

    I am so used to Facebook now, that i was looking for a ‘Like’ to click on..LOL !!

    Yes that was my instant response to your post – A smile, and wanted to acknowledge it by saying – ‘I like it’.

    True, a smile can make a lot of difference..It is more beautiful and powerful when you feel the impact rather than just hear it being said 🙂

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