Happy Diwali :)

Posted: November 2, 2010 in Story
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I looked at my watch. Time was running out. Worry, agony, tension and fear of losing out was written all over my face. I rushed, pushed and plunged. Luckily, I made it to the flight. The beautiful looking American air hostess greeted me in. “Ooo.. that was a close shave wasn’t it”. Yeah..I replied. She asked me.. Indian? Yeah.. Happy Diwali!! She said. Oh thanks.. thanks a lot.. I replied!!

Yes.. It was Diwali in five day’s time in India and I was desperate to return home. Happy Diwali!!! Happy Diwali!! Happy Diwali!! These words always brought back the fond memories of my childhood. I settled into my seat and fastened my seat belts. My journey took off and I went straight into my life when I was just ten years old.

The year was 1995. I was this little plump kid whose cheeks were liberally used by all the aunties of my apartment. I had an entire gang of friends with whom I played, fought and enjoyed many evenings. It was Diwali time and all of my friends got a week’s leave. No school. No books. No exams. I always looked forward to Diwali not just to enjoy the holidays, burst crackers with friends, eat lots of sweets.. but that is when my father would come back home from Dubai. My father was working with an oil company in Dubai and he came to India only twice a year – for my birthday and Diwali. In fact that year, he could not make it to my birthday but promised me that he would be taking a long leave on Diwali eve.

It was four days to Diwali and my father was to arrive on Wednesday. My apartment was already getting into the Diwali mood. Few of my friends started bursting crackers as early as Monday. I too had bought lots of crackers as my dad had promised me that he would burst crackers along with me as a compensation for not coming for my birthday this year. So I was very excited and I decided not to burst any crackers until my dad came home.

Monday went. Tuesday went. I knew Wednesday was my day and I reserved all my energy for this day. I got up early in the morning and was eagerly waiting for my father to come. Sun rose, sun peaked and finally the sun was setting. But my father did not come. I was getting restless. My mother was anxious too and she was trying to find the cause for the delay. Finally at about half past six, my father had called from Dubai. Due to poor visibility, the flights from Dubai were delayed and it may take two days for things to restore is what my mother told me. I just knew only one thing. It meant my father will not come for Diwali. I was heartbroken and sad.

Thursday came. One more day for Diwali and I decided not to celebrate Diwali any more in my life if my father did not come tomorrow. The sun set for one last time before Diwali. The beautiful moon was out. I saw my friend Rahul along with his dad bursting crackers, there was Nithi setting the flower pots on fire with her sister and father, there was Sanjay, Praveen, Dev and Vijay. I looked at my crackers and slowly the pain of missing my father struck me hard and tears overflowed from my eyes. I suffered in silence. I still remember my mother trying to put me to sleep that day telling stories, convincing me, cajoling me and consoling me. It was a long night for us. Finally, I fell asleep.

Amidst the thunderous bursts of crackers, I woke up on the Diwali morning. Happy Diwali!! These were the words I heard as I woke up looking surprised, shocked and stunned. It was my dad. I did not know how or when he reached. But that did not matter. He was here and that was enough for me. My world was back. I hugged him, kissed him and held on to him tightly.

The announcement from the plane captain woke me back to the present. The flight landed in Chennai in few minutes. I wiped the tears which had welled in my eyes. As I headed towards the exit door, I saw a little girl running to hug her father. I knew what that meant and I went straight into the wide waiting arms of my dad and both of us spoke the same words in each other’s ears – Happy Diwali!!! 🙂 🙂

(This story is dedicated to all those hardworking fathers who keep toiling hard, staying away from their family) ~ Krishnan

  1. Saranya says:

    Lovely story Krishna!!!
    I can feel the emotions of the little boy in ur words…
    Really nice one.
    Adv Diwali Wishes to u too 🙂

  2. Ashok S says:

    Excellent da.. Nice usage of bold and italicized words to mark the difference b/w current events and flashback.. Very apt choice of words to build the emotions.. u ve got good narration style – ‘Urban’ish… Good work dude..

  3. Good one! The demands of the material world are so cruel that one needs to be away from ones one child. I read some where today “Talking for two minutes to ones own child is a more satisfying experience than playing golf for hours with company president!”. Its even worst in reality, we dont play real golf but we are the balls being hit towards a never opening hole :).

    Anothe quote on similar lines “Of all the journeys, Sweetest are those heading you back to home!”. Krish.. You made me rewind about my numerous journey back home!:)

    Happy Diwali!

    • krishnan says:

      Hey thanks deepak… Btw the two one liners which you mentioned are great lines dude!
      Do tell me the source or was it any book which you came across these lovely lines.. 🙂

      The never opening hole is the reality check and we keep trying to find the hole in vain.

      Happy Diwali wishes to you too dude!

  4. @Krish.. the first one is from a book called “Flow-the psychology of optimal experience.” The ‘Journey one’ is from a movie called NameSake.

    Holes— Ha ha Either we must train ourselves to enjoy the roll, or resist it and drill one wherever we want. Any state between the two leads to insanity:(

  5. Anand N says:

    Awesome work.. I could do nothing else than just imagine the things you have written.. Emotions are conveyed clearly and at the right places.. A 50,000 wala post before Diwali. 🙂 You have already lighted up the spirits and brought us to the festive mood 🙂

  6. Aiswaria says:

    Hey Krishna,

    It’s really a good piece of work… I loved the way you narrated the whole story. It brought tears….. Since I know the pain of missing the loved ones… Keep up your good work… My best wishes to you…………

  7. Karthickraja says:


    Its really amazing. I promise you one thing that i will not take up onsite assigment without kid.

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